S&M Man

S&M Man


It’s the S&M man,
Oh, the S&M man,
The S&M man because he mixes it with love,
And makes the hurt feel good.
Yes the hurt feel good.

Who can take his bicycle,
Take away the seat,
Put his girlfriend on it,
& Ride down a bumpy street?

Who can take a young girl,
Turn the lights down low,
Flip on the video camera,
And make like Rob Lowe?

Who wears pants with zippers,
And no underwear,
Then pulls them up and down,
And rips out his pubic hair?

Who can take your scrotum,
Stick it with a pin,
Hang on a bunch of weights,
Till it drags down to your shins?

Who can take a chainsaw,
Cut the bitch in two,
Fuck the bottom half,
And toss the other half to you?

Who can find some newlyweds,
Sneak into their room,
Fuck the bride in bed,
And sodomize the groom?

Who can take a baby,
Lay it on a bed,
Turn the bugger over,
Fuck the soft spot in its head?