OCH3 Happi Coats

OCH3 Happi Coats


Happi Coats are cumming to OCH3! 

It’s been two years, but Nut’s amazing design will soon grace our kennel. We’ll have more information soon, but get ready to place your order. Unfortunately they won’t be here before Betty, but there will be a few examples (for sizing purposes) from other kennels at the Heart-On run this Saturday.

After trying on a few, we recommend going 1 size UP from what you THINK you’d want.

ATTENTION: They’ll be taking pre-orders for the Happi Coats on Saturday, Feb 21, but we all know deadlines and the OCH3 go together like oil and water.

Money will be due in a couple of weeks once we figure out the exact cost (which will depend SPECIFICALLY on how many orders we get). They run a little small so I’d recommend trying one on to confirm your size. If you decide NOT to get your name put on it, perhaps to have it embroidered or something, that will result in a slight price break. There’s a good chance that this will be the only time we order these, so don’t miss out!

Need more info? Contact Hedge Hog or Hairy Twatter!