North Atlantic Squadron

North Atlantic Squadron


Away, away with fife and drum,
Here we come, full of rum.
Looking for women who peddle their bum,
In the North Atlantic Squadron.

The cabin boy’s name was Kipper,
A cunning little nipper.
He lined his ass with broken glass,
And circumcised the skipper.

The Bar Wench’s name was Buffy,
She was loose and fun, not stuffy.
She’d serve you rum, straight from her bum,
Then let you see her puppies.

The cook, whose name was Freeman,
He was a dirty demon,
He served the crew with menstrual stew,
And fore skins fried in semen.

‘Twas on the China Station,
To roars of approbation,
We sunk a Junk with a load of spunk
By mutual masturbation.

The First Mate’s name was Hopper,
By Christ he had a whopper.
Twice round his neck once round the deck,
And up his ass for a stopper.

The Second Mate’s name was Carter,
By God be was a farter.
When the wind wouldn’t blow.
And the ship wouldn’t go, Carter,
The farter, would start her.

The Third Mate’s name was Wiggun,
By God he had a big ‘un.
We bashed that cock,
With a bloody rocks,
For cumming in the riggin’.

The Fourth Mate’s name was Morgan,
A homosexual Gorgon.
A dozen crows, in a row,
Could pose upon his organ.

The Fifth Mate’s name was Slater,
He was a masturbator.
He’d pump and pump his massive stump,
And clean the mess up later.

The Sixth mate’s name was Andy,
By God that man was randy.
We boiled his bum in red-hot rum,
For cumming in the brandy.

The Seventh mate’s name was Lester,
He was a hymen tester.
Through hymen thick, he’d shove his prick,
And leave it there to fester.

So now we end this serial,
Through sheer lack of material.
We wish you scum all freedom from,
Diseases venereal.