For the Buffalo Bills, the ‘average’ ex-coach rubbed many in organization the wrong way.

From Daily News, Manish Mehta, Doug Marrone was frustrated on his way to work three weeks ago.   It was the defense that ended up winning the big upset game against the Packers, and the following week, Marrone’s offense did not get it done against the Raiders. Two crazy upsets in as many weeks.

Marrone eyes Jets
Marrone eyes Jets

“He’s a control freak,” one person in the Bills organization said.

Marrone’s desire to have his hands in everything began even before the Bills hired him two years ago. His interview with the team lasted days, not hours, due to his need to ensure everything was to his liking, according to a source.

The seeds of discontent were sewn last May when the Bills traded up to land Sammy Watkins.  Marrone apparently wanted to get a QB, and was not a fan of loosing their first round draft pick in 2015.  What makes things worse, is that in hindsight, the Bills could have stayed put in the 2014 draft, selected Odell Beckham Jr, and kept their 2015 first-round pick.

At the end of the day (and year 2014) Doug Marrone has opted out of his contract as coach of the Buffalo Bills and is now a free agent to pursue other jobs.  Good luck, and keep an eye on your back, as the Bills will have a field day meeting you again on the gridiron.