Drunken Buffaho: GAME OVER patch

Drunken Buffaho: GAME OVER patch

Barf-aho Challenge #2: GAME OVER
Barf-aho “challenge” #2: GAME OVER

Buffaho and Backed Up Semen (BUS) have the SECOND patch challenge* patches in hand and the challenge is ready!  We’ve all gone to Hash events, heck, even just a normal weekend weeknight/day hash… and had “too much fun”

Well, what better way to commemorate that proud occasion, than with the Drunken Buffaho: GAME OVER patch… & It’s finally here!  Now, we would never CHALLENGE a hasher to get so drunk they threw up, …but, if they DID drink so much that they DID throw up… No skin off our noses!  But if you put yourself through that ordeal, then we want you to let everyone know what you did!

This was a smaller run of patches, so not everyone will be able to just “get one”  Unless, of course you punished yourself the way only you can do!

* we won’t actually CHALLENGE you… this is where your own “Bad Decision Bear” steps up and guides you on your own path to patch-ness… 😉