Backed Up Semen’s Picks of the Week of the Year, NFL 2015...

Backed Up Semen’s Picks of the Week of the Year, NFL 2015 Week 2

Backed Up Semen

OK… its time for Week 2 of the 2015 NFL season! I missed the TNF game, but would have said go with KC.  Glad I didn’t get that one on the record 😉

I’m going to make 3 solid picks for Sunday’s games and try to revisit them AFTER the games to capitalize or criticize each pick. So, going on record, here are the BACKED UP SEMEN picks for week 2 of the 2015 NFL season:

  1. The big “gamble” of the week: Bills OVER Patriots.  Yes, I know the Pats have had the Bills number more often than not, but, as the saying goes, this is not your regular Buffalo Bills! I think Rex Ryan can a few tricks up his sleeve, and this will solidify the Buffalo Bills as the TEAM TO BET WITH this year!
  2. Super Mariota and the Titans OVER the same old Browns.  I’m most curious to see if Mariota can pull of a 2nd game even 1/2 as exciting as his first… and this would be all it will take to beat the Browns.
  3. My third pick will be the betting public’s UPSET.  Seahawks OVER the Packers.  Yup. I think both have something to prove, but Seattle want’s another shot at the SuperBowl, they need to prove it now!

When we have to go out to watch the games locally, we end up at a Packers bar, nice folks, but with them vs. the Seahawks, we are opting to head south and support the Bills at PB Ale House in Pacific Beach, San Diego, Ca!  Get your game face on and see ya on SUNDAY!