OK… Week 1 is here for the 2015 NFL season! I’m going to make 3 solid picks and try to revisit them AFTER the games to capitalize or criticize each pick. So, going on record, here are the BACKED UP SEMEN picks for week 1 of the 2015 NFL season:

  1. Buffalo Bills OVER the Indy Colts.  It may not be a blow out, but even if they win by 1, it’s a win!  If you have points, or can get them, I’d say Bill against the spread EASY. But, I don’t think Luck can out-do Buffalo’s first string DEFENSE, thus straight up, this is the Backed Up Semen: GAME OF THE YEAR OF THE WEEK!
  2. Washington Redskins (aka: those Native American Communists (red-skins, get it?)) OVER the Miami DollFISH.  With Cousins at home, this will be his chance to prove himself a starting NFL QB or to just end up giving RG3 one more chance to injure himself.
  3. Browns OVER the Jets.  …not sure why, but why not?This one is just the first “fingers crossed” pick.  Fitzpatrick will be Fitzpatrick, and it’s always good to watch the Jets crash and burn.  Besides, it’ll probably make Sexy Rexy (Ryan) smile to see the team that dumped him lose.
  4. BONUS PICK: NE over PIT – OK, So that’s it for the Sunday games… Unfortunately, for the home coming game of 2015, I’ve got little confidence in Steel Curtain.  This hurts to admit, but if you are in a Football Pool, go with the Cheatriots OVER the Steelers. This looks to be a no brainer as Tom (cry baby Tami) Brady will probably come out guns blazing. He might get more than his feelings hurt because Rodger Goodell won’t be his date, but he’ll be playing at home… so even that is doubtful.

Peas bitches.
backed up semen



    1. The Bills did what we needed them to do!
    2. The Patriots did not surprise us
    3. The Redskins just did not show upm
    4. The Browns are basically still the Browns

    That puts the picks at 2 wins 2 losses.
    NOW, on to week #2!
    …GO BILLS!!!