(short) Penis Song

This is your penis song. It isn't very long... Drink it down down down down down.

HASH Songs


(short) Penis Song

This is your penis song. It isn't very long... Drink it down down down down down.

A Hash Song Resource

SEE: HASH SONG BOOK (all props to harrier.net for this awesome list/resource)

S&M Man

Her Left Tit

Happy Hours & Beers

Drunken Buffaho: GAME OVER patch

Buffaho and Backed Up Semen (BUS) have the SECOND patch challenge* patches in hand and the challenge is ready!  We've all gone to Hash...
B.U.S.-aho Paddle Patch Challenge

B.U.S.aho – Drunken Buffaho Challenge Patch Registry

First blood award goes to... 6/1 - Analsleezioligist  OCHHH took his licks on Buffaho's birthday drink night!  Well done, you will always be #1! UPDATE: on June 18th,...

Sabroso Beer & Taco Fest (2016)

Brew Ha Ha Craft Beer Festivals Short notice, but gathering the herd to head out past Irvine Lake to Sabroso Beer Ha-Ha Taco & Wrestling...

Humorous... at least to us!

Amazon Review: Hash Appropriate

Here are is a small collection of BUSAHO reviews & answers for Amazon purchases! All are meant to help fellow shoppers and... to wreck mayhem on Amazon & the Interwebs! REEBOK MEN'S TRAIGRIP RS 5.0 RUNNING SHOE...

What St. Patrick was all about!

Your browser does not support the video tag. Let's just let the gang explain that the hell the truth is behind St. Patrick's Day and St. Patrick himself.
The San Diego Thank Youvideo

San Diego Thank You

Your browser does not support the video tag. Well, with the San Diego Chargers going 4-12-0 for the 2015 season (and making the Buffalo Bills look good!) We give them the Thank You they've given us! One...
Marshawn could run it!video

The RUN vs. the PASS

Your browser does not support the video tag. He may have "NO COMMENT" most of the interviewing time, and that should have been the hint that Marshawn is a funny guy! This is why you...



Hash Springs H3 is a go!

Congratulations to all who got their rego's sorted out, rooms booked, and their sorry drunk hash asses out to Palm Springs for the First...

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